Defensive Tactics


The Harris International Defensive Tactics Instructors’ Training Association is made up of instructors who, at the very least, have taken the Harris International Level One Defensive Tactics Instructor’s Course. Below are the focuses in training of the various levels of instructorship within this association:

Level One – Teaching Considerations, Standing Control and Takedowns, Arrest and Control

Level Two – Teaching Considerations, Ground Control

Level Three – Teaching Considerations, Edged Weapon Survival

Level Four – Keeping Your Weapons, Disarming When You’ve Been Disarmed

Level Five – Multiple Assailants, the Environment and Going Home at E.O.S.

Each instructor course costs $300.

Each course is three (3) days long. Training begins at 9:00am each morning and finishes around 5:00pm.

You must be present and actively training to receive instructor certification!

Maintaining Certification

To maintain their certification, local instructors must taken one private or semi-private lesson each year (at a cost of $60). Instructors who lives far away from our headquarters in San Diego are only required to take one private or semi-private lesson every two years.

These private lessons accomplish the following:

1. The instructor’s current teaching and sparring skill sets are evaluated.

2. The instructor is given homework for continued progress (as a student and as an instructor).

3. The instructor keeps in contact with his instructor (important for building trust and camaraderie)

Instructors who do not maintain these requirements are removed from our instructor list.

If you would like to become a part of our team or have additional questions, please email us.

Thank you for your time,

Harris International

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