Roy Harris Seminar Schedule


Here is the Roy Harris seminar and instructor course schedule for the rest of 2015 as well as a bit of 2016:

• BJJ and JKD Seminars: Saturday, August 8 at RockPile Academy in Anacortes, Washington

• BJJ over 40 Seminar: Saturday, August 15 at East Wind Martial Arts in Riverside, California ($30)

• BJJ Seminar: Saturday and Sunday, September 5-6 in Jakarta, Indonesia

BJJ over 40 Workshop: East Wind Martial Arts, Saturday, September 12 in Riverside, California ($30)

• BJJ and JKD Seminars: All week, October 6-11 at Trondheim BJJ in Trondheim & Bardofuss, Norway

• BJJ Seminars: Monday and Tuesday, October 12-13 in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland

• BJJ Seminar: Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18 at Nomad BJJ in Sherbrook, QC, Canada

• Women’s Self-Defense Workshop: Saturday, October 24 at Training Grounds Academy in Naples, Florida ($25)

• Kalis Ilustrisimo Seminar: Saturday, November 7 in Nassau, Bahamas (A cruise is involved)

• Level One Grappling Instructor Course: November 12-15 at Silverback in Chantilly, Virginia ($400)

• Level One Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor Course: November 19-21 at Kimura Training Center in Mexicali, BC, Mexico ($300)

• H.I. Family Gathering: December 4-6 at SoCal Martial Arts Center in Bonita, California ($100)


2016 Seminars

• BJJ Seminar: Saturday and Sunday, January 9-10 at Nova Fitness in Rochester, New York

• BJJ, JKD and FMA Training: Mon-Fri, January 11-15 at Silverback Academy in Chantilly, Virginia (TBA)

• BJJ Seminar: Saturday, January 23 at East Wind Martial Arts Academy in Riverside, California

• BJJ over 40 Instructor Course: April 8-11 at Fighter Fitness Academy in Obertshausen, Germany ($1000)


More dates coming soon…