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Here is a glimpse of my upcoming Online Jiu Jitsu Training and Testing program:



Here are the eleven (11) areas we will go over before I will allow any student to become involved in my online Jiu Jitsu training and testing association:

– A simple truth about online training and testing

– Our relationship

– My list of expectations for your involvement

– Your monthly interactions with me

– Your monthly interactions with our community

– The monthly videos you will upload

– Your willingness to complete the program, obtain and develop specific skills

– Your willingness to meet (and hang out) with me in person in the US, Europe or elsewhere, once every 2-3 years

– Your willingness to use technology to complete your weekly assignments

– Regardless of belt level, everyone will begin with my Foundations Course

– Me teaching you perspective as well as how to be resourceful

We must talk about these areas and come to an agreement before you sign up or pay. This is important for two reasons:

#1 – You, the customer, must know what you are getting involved in before you sign up. This talk will ensure you will be satisfied with the service you’ll be receiving. It will also ensure our journey together will meet your needs!

#2 – My reputation is important to me. I have develop a good reputation and want to keep it that way!

NOTE: All students, regardless of current belt level, must begin with the Foundations Course. They must begin with it because it will lay a firm foundation in your Jiu Jitsu experience and our training together. Here’s how it will lay a firm foundation:

A. Over the years, I have seen a number of highly talented Jiu Jitsu practitioners who have built most of their game on athleticism…and, I don’t want that for you. I truly want you to develop a Jiu Jitsu game that is based on leverage. In other words, I don’t want you to become like some world champions whom I see expend a lot of energy moving inefficiently from position to position or position to submission (which is raw athleticism) and then finish their opponent with an arm lock (which is a use of leverage). To me, this is Jiu Jitsu game is respectable (because they are competing and have won a world championship in their weight division), but it is 90% athleticism and 10% leverage. It is also the type of game that is difficult to continue into your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. So, why not start to develop a leverage-based game now?

I’d like to help you build an entire game that focuses on leverage so your body can not only last, but thrive, for another 20 or 30 years. I write this because I have seen a handful of really talented Brazilians that had built their games on athleticism in their teens and twenties. Then, in their late thirties and early forties, they had to change their game because of so many injuries.

So, I want to help you build a Jiu Jitsu game that will last a lifetime!

B. This Foundations Course is unlike any other that you have seen. Look below to get a glimpse.

C. In addition to the foundation and technical aspects, I will also teach you how to train – THE most neglected area in Jiu Jitsu. So many students get so caught up in the “technique maze” that they miss the meat and potatoes of  Jiu Jitsu  – learning how to develop useable and repeatable skills.

D. On top of all of this, there is another section of the training that is a signature aspect of the curriculum. I will reveal that to you when you sign up.

Because the Foundations Course is extensive, it will benefit everyone – regardless of their current belt levels. Plus, it will lay the foundation for the purple and brown belt curriculums.


In this Foundations Course, I will teach you one-hundred and eleven (111) techniques in twenty-six (26) categories. These categories will cover a full spectrum of training. Here is a small glimpse:

1. Positional escapes

2. Positional control

3. The mechanics of basic submission

4. Basic throws

5. Basic takedowns (kneeling and standing)

6. Self-defense

7. How to effectively strike

8. Close Quarter Battle


Another area I will cover in the Foundations Course is a study on HOW to train. Here is a glimpse:

1. Proper mindsets to train and develop

2. Specific and progressive training methods

3. How to train on your own and develop useable, repeatable skills

4. Sparring considerations (things you won’t learn in an academy)


The final area to be covered in this curriculum will be testing. Here is a glimpse:

1. Paying for this course of instruction will not guarantee passing the examination

2. Preparing for an evaluation

3. Preparing for the actual test

4. My expectations

This training and testing program is not meant for everyone. It is extensive and require a lot of disciplined effort!

Additionally, it WILL NOT be a matter of you (a) paying me, (b) watching a few videos, (c) sending me some videos  and then (d) having me send you a certificate. If this is what you are looking for, you will be greatly dissatisfied and I recommend you not sign up.

This training and testing is for serious students who (a) do not have access to a regular instructor or academy, (b) want to have a knowledgable and reputable black belt coach them through their journey, and (c) are willing, ready and disciplined enough to follow a structured and progressive training program.

In short, this journey together will accomplish the following goals:

1. You and I will get to know each other through 40-60 interactions, per belt level.

2. You will develop useable repeatable skill sets if you practice what I teach you.

3. Once you obtain the skills I have defined for your belt level, only then will you be allowed to test.

The only things I haven’t covered yet are costs and time. I haven’t covered them for two reasons:

1. I haven’t determined a fair price yet. I am still working on it. I will have more news in the coming weeks.

2. The amount of time it will take each student to complete the program, be evaluated by me and eventually take the test will vary from student to student. Some of you will complete the course in six to nine months because you will be familiar with 60% of it. Others, it may take you a year or more to finish. Regardless of how long it will take you, if you put in the required work, you will have useable and repeatable skill sets at the end!

Sound like a plan? Sound comprehensive enough for you? Sound like something you would be interested in completing? I hope so!


Last night, I tried out a new technology and made some interesting discoveries. From my hotel room in Lethbridge, AB, Canada, I taught a group Jiu Jitsu class in Mexico. It was fun to be able to do this – especially since it didn’t cost me or the students any money.

Stay tuned!

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Thank you for your time,

Roy Harris